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Search where to buy shungite wholesale? company provides flexible conditions for any size shungite wholesale orders. All the products are certified to be safe and are made only of shungite Zazhoginsky the Republic of Karelia

Having shungite from Karelia productions facilities enables us to provide you with highest quality shungite products at low prices of :
Raw, crumbs shungite of 0.7$ (0.6 eur)
Shungite pyramide of 1$ (0.85 eur)
Shungite spheres of 2$ (1.70 eur)
Shungite pendants of 1.2$ (1 eur)
Shungite beads of 0.19$ (0.17 eur)
Shungite plate for mobile of 0.7$ (0.6 eur)
Elite shungite of 100$/kg (95 eur/kg)

We can consider production of any custom order of any size.
Buying big volumes of shungite stones and shungite products at wholesale prices from us would help you to be competitive at the market.
Our experts would give you a piece of advice concerning what items is the best way to start with assessing your market and its specifics.