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Polished shungite cube 10 cm

Polished shungite cube 10 cm
Vendor code: 1610
Manufacturer: Shungite centre

Polished shungite 10 cm (3.94 in)
Weight 2600 gr (0.22lb) radius action 10 m (32 feet)
Fast worldwide shipping 50$
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Price: 40 $
Number of purchases 33

The power of the schungite cube!

cube pol.jpg

How often do you have a headache? 

Do you feel a breakdown and a frequent change of mood?


If often, this means that electromagnetic radiation from household appliances and high-frequency communication equipment adversely affects your biofield and suppresses your energy. To restore it, you can use a piece of processed shungite in the form of a cube. This is not just an element of decor in your room, which will ideally look in its center, but also a powerful protection for you and your loved ones from harmful electromagnetic emissions.


Useful properties of shungite have been known for a long time. It is a unique natural mineral that can positively influence the processes that a person can not independently influence.


How to use a cube?


The cube will look harmoniously on your desktop in the office.


 Shungite cube will be an excellent item in the interior of the room or at home.


Place the cube in the place where you spend more time.


The cube is made of solid stone from the Zazhoginsky deposit.

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