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Alkaline water shower head

Alkaline water shower head
Vendor code: 2223
Manufacturer: Shungite centre

Shower head filter with tourmaline
Softens water
Ionizes water
Dechlorinates water
Standard mounting 1/2 inch
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Price: 21 $
Number of purchases 512

Tourmaline shower can

What is the water in the cranes of our houses?

We have long resigned ourselves to the fact that you can not drink tap water from the house. It must first be boiled or passed through special filters with mineral sorbents. However, we monitor the hygiene of the body, using all the same water from the tap.
It's no secret that during the shower / bath, our body is able to absorb up to 1.5 liters of water - the same unsuitable for drinking, water.
According to the research of Russian and European scientists, the residual chlorine in water is absorbed through the skin in the same amount, if we drank a glass of water from the tap. What's the result? Dry skin, dull appearance, brittle hair, dandruff, dermatitis. Is it for adults? What about children?

What to do?

There is an exit. In this direction, recent years are working, and the market has dozens of ways to protect yourself from exposure to harmful substances. Today there is an innovative, efficient and economical device - a tourmaline nozzle for the shower. Mineral granules equalize Ph water to neutral, lower the hardness of water, remove chlorine.

How does this device work?

The nozzle uses black and pink tourmaline. Together, these two minerals have infrared radiation of varying intensity, the ability to neutralize chlorine, heavy metals. As a result of filtration, the water becomes soft and lively.
The watering can have another interesting feature - thanks to the system of microscopic holes, the water flow is reduced by 40-60%, due to the increase in pressure and a simultaneous decrease in the speed of the watercourse. Buying a watering can is economically justified.

How to care for and use the nozzle?

1. Install the watering can on the shower hose. The nozzle has a standard 1/2 inch mounting.
2. The bowl is designed for 7000-8000 liters of water. Every 4-6 months the nozzle should be disassembled, washed, dried.

Indications for use

1. Stress, fatigue, nervous tension
2. Puffiness and pain in the legs
3. Pain in muscles, meteor sensitive people
4. Sweating
5. Inflammatory processes on the skin
6. Dry, brittle, dropping hair
7. Radiculitis
8. Arthritis
9. Bruises, stretching of muscles, tendons

A lake with tourmaline is a preventative. Therefore, read the information on contraindications!

Tourmaline shower not applicable:

1. With skin lesions (burns, deep, open wounds)
2. With an individual inclination to an allergy
3. Bleeding and inclinations to them
4. Purulent processes of any localization
5. Acute fever and high fever
6. Pulmonary heart failure
7. Mental illness with excessive excitability
8. Acute myocardial ischemia