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Alkaline water stick 14 cm

Alkaline water stick 14 cm
Vendor code: 2411
Manufacturer: Shungite centre

Activator for alkaline water. Weight 100 grams
Composition of active components:
  • tourmaline
  • ceramic balls with radiation in the infrared range
  • granules containing ions of silver, calcium, magnesium
Changes PH to 9.5-10 points and ORP of water reaches 200
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Price: 9 $
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Activator of alkaline water

Water activator, made in a convenient form of stainless steel, which quickly helps to bring water into a healthy state for the body.

The composition of the metal flask contains a balanced combination of silver, with granules of natural natural minerals of water-soluble calcium and magnesium.
Thanks to this simple composition, in just a quarter of an hour (15 minutes) 500 ml of ordinary water will be ready for consumption.

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What happens to the water in 15 minutes?

Water is ionized
The water is alkalinized
Water is cleaned of impurities, unpleasant odors and chlorine
Water is enriched with essential minerals that are easily digested

What is the effect of the magnetic activator of water?

normalization of the acid-base balance of the body
restoration of functions of the digestive tract (digestive system)
excretion of toxins from the body (nicotine, caffeine, alcohol)
intensification of metabolic processes, weight loss
elimination of micronutrient deficiencies in the body
purification of the walls of the vessel from cholesterol plaques
strengthening of the general energy of the organism
increase of immunity
improving memory and thinking processes

You ask - how to use a magnetic activator?

Before operating the Water Activator, place it in a bottle half filled with water.
Shake the bottle vigorously and pour out the used water for 30 seconds.
This procedure will prepare the activator for work.

Pour water into a bottle or glass with a water activator, and then wait 15 minutes. At the end of the process, water can be used for its intended purpose.

The increase in the infusion time enhances the degree of ionization of water, Ph and the negative charge of water.
If for you the taste of mineralized water is excessively concentrated - just dilute it with plain water.


Working resource 500 liters
The capacity of the used dishes - no more than 500 ml
Do not leave the domestic activator in water for a long period
It is recommended to consume fresh water between meals to 2 liters per day