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Opinion of foreign experts: Switzerland 29 May 2015

Opinion of foreign experts: Switzerland

       Stefan Cardino is a Swiss architect, an expert in electrography and bioenergy, a writer and publicist. In 1990 he received the diploma of the architect of the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (Switzerland). For 12 years he worked in the field of architectural design and construction.

In 1999 he established the Center for the Study of Geobiology and Bioenergetics "Génie du lieu" in Lausanne. Since 2002 he has been engaged in scientific and teaching activities. Known for his research in the field of geometry, geobiology, electrography and bioenergy. He is the author of several books and scientific articles.

         Having carried out a number of experiments and tests using the effect of electography and diagnostic devices measuring the biofield, comparing the indices of people who were in the neutral zone and the shungite zone, Stefan came to the conclusion that this mineral really reduces stress, increases energy reserves and its circulation by All levels, has a purposeful and beneficial effect on weak organs, relieves emotional overloads and relieves feelings of anxiety.

         Many useful properties of schungite are associated with its origin and unique chemical composition. In 2000, the publication Organic Matter and Mineralization: Thermal Alteration, Hydrocarbon Generation, and Role in Metallogenesis published an article entitled "Organic and Mineral Substances in the Pre-Cambrian Shungite Deposit in Karelia" - a joint work of geoscientists from Canada, the United States, Australia, Great Britain and Russia.

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