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Opinion of foreign experts: France 24 April 2015

Opinion of foreign experts: France

          Regina Martino is a French geobiologist and expert on bioenergetics. For 20 years, she has been studying the mechanisms of development and self-healing, including the impact of various stones and crystals on the human body. Her first book, La Shungite, énergie de vie, was published in 2011 and has already been translated into Italian, German and English.

The book, which is the result of long theoretical and practical research, describes in detail the origin of the mineral, its structure and properties. According to the author, schungite, unlike other minerals, has a unique ability to never be charged negatively, has a positive effect on the human energy field, stimulates vital energy, and also protects against electromagnetic radiation.

"Regina Martino's book is unique in the literature about metaphysical stones, because it has a higher level of scientific approach to metaphysics than is usual in such cases. It is easy to see that she thoroughly studied the question and is confident in the numerous beneficial properties of schungite. Her work is convincing, research is fascinating, and the stone itself certainly has the power and deserves attention. " Robert Simmons, Metaguide Magazine, January 2014

            Regina has long studied bioenergetics and geobiology at the Genie du Lieu school in Lausanne (Switzerland) under the leadership of Stefan Cardino. He is also the author of several books and a number of scientific articles on the effects of various minerals, including schungite, on humans.

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