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Phone in Moscow: +7 (926) 148 64 99
Phone in Petrozavodsk: +7 (953) 54 99 800
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Who are we?

«Our company today - is a professional team of like-minded people with knowledge and experience in marketing, internet trade, production and logistics.

We team - young and ambitious professionals who want to cause irreparable favor. We create our own history project "Shungite", and reveal its future, our ideology, principles, achievements and plans.

What are we?

The mission of the project "Shungite" - start an irreversible reaction in the consciousness of society today.

Like a nuclear reaction the idea of ​​health, creativity and ecology should be spread throughout the country, where one person would be inspired by his example two more, those in turn four, and so on exponentially. We have created a project to those who are not afraid to do something really significant for your health, we have received support from the community.

We do not want to complain about the government, require incentives and financial support. We just want to build a life for yourself.

To become a healthy cell of society, happy, rich, and that their well-being to help the society.

We pay our taxes, we create jobs, to spend money helping others.

Our values ​

1. Pricing policy

Our prices are lower than those of other companies, the quality of the services provided meet the current requirements.

2. Flexibility

We can respond to your needs in any city of Russia. Each custom order will be reviewed individually. Our staff will do everything possible to make your reservation has been made.

3. Awareness

You can track your shipment at any stage of delivery. Developed delivery network in Russia and CIS

4. Efficiency

Once you are filing an application, our staff will contact you and discuss all details of the order.

Thank you for visiting our cozy saytik.


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