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Spheres, cube and pyramids for room, home or office from 2$

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Tumbled stones

Stress and fatigue after a hard day? Massage at home healing shungite stones - one of the most simple, inexpensive and effective ways from $ 10

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Pure water

Shungite, quartz and silicon for clean water from  3$

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Shungite bracelets

Popular shungite bracelets from 9$

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Old price:9$
New price:8$
Unpolished shungite cilynder 10x3cm
Old price:6$
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Pendant 30 mm Valknut
Old price:5$
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Pendant 30 mm Tree of Life
Old price:5$
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Pendant 30 mm Step
Old price:60$
New price:40$
Polished shungite cube 10 cm
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Polished shungite pyramid 15 cm
Pendant 30 mm Valknut
Elite C98% (11-20 gr/pc) (50g)
Pendant 30 mm Trefoil
Pendant 30 mm Step

Why buy from us

, шунгит кремень, шунгит цеолит

Shungite the developer a single deposit in the world with the ability to deliver in 140 cities of Russia two days.
We each will find a new and useful information about the properties of Shungite, hygiene certificates and expert reviews, will she share with loved ones and family, choose a piece of furniture or surprise unusual gift, solve the problem with corporate gifts campaign or presentation, determine the materials for the repair or landscape design, buy cosmetics and cream-balm, or maybe just an inexpensive way to purify water from impurities at home, at work or at the cottage.

The bactericidal properties of Shungite to clean drinking water

 шунгит камень свойства, шунгит для колодца

It has long been known that shungite, quartz, flint and zeolite used in sewage water filters.
Shungite has a sorption capacity for a wide range of organic substances, high-molecular fatty acids, substances lignouglevodnyh complex of wood and peat hydrolysates, water-soluble resins hydrolysis, humic substances, pesticides, surfactants, alcohols, phenols, petroleum products, a number of inorganic substances (compounds of iron, manganese, hexavalent chromium, phosphorus and others.) as well as to gaseous compounds (chlorine, sulfur oxides).

Stone Karelian shungite deposit - over the counter or in the shop?

шунгит москва, продажа шунгитаDue to growing popularity shungit increasingly on sale can be found fake, have nothing to do with this natural stone.
Be careful! The only deposit of this mineral in the world is located in the Republic of Karelia. All the products of our shop is made of 100% natural schungite Zazhoginsky whose quality is confirmed by sanitary-epidemiological conclusions GSEN Center in Kazakhstan.

Products from shungite, pendants and pyramids, ointments, creams, balms - the reason for popularity?

Shungite can be called a universal material, as it is ideal for the production of diverse products. Stylish looks like any jewelry - pendants, necklaces, bracelets. Shungit popularity among many famous stones and crystals is due to its unique healing properties. Jewelry from shungite help cope with the disease, pyramids Shungite neutralize the harmful effects of appliances and computer equipment, massage stones Shungite normalize the whole body and restore the power of schungite tiles make the interior a stylish and secure space.

Elite shungite or crystals

Продажа изделий из элитных лечебного шунгита

Shungite is able to structure the most ordinary water, acting as an adsorbent and turning it into a "live". It is no coincidence the cleanest lake in the world is considered to Onega: its water is purified shungite.
Elite shungite - is a rare breed, which is extracted by hand and superior to other properties of this mineral. On contact with water formed shungite water and mineral solution containing fullerenes (fullerene is a special form of carbon). If the conventional samples shungite carbon compounds content of 25% -35%, in the elite - up to 98%, making it more efficient at times. Elite shungite is used for water salinity, revitalizing and rejuvenating baths.

Shungite - the main ingredient in cleaning systems running water

The quality of tap water in almost all regions of Russia today raises serious concerns as the doctors, and environmentalists. Enters the water supply system water is treated, in particular chlorinated, for the destruction of harmful bacteria and microbes entering the intake system, both directly and worn out sewer networks. However, chlorine disinfection, face long-term consequences for your health.
Beverage company, water purification systems running in industrial and domestic use of natural sorbents Schungite and zeolite are best activated carbon with properties in 30 times, and many times cheaper.